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ABC's of Bridal Fashion: Part Two

Every girl dreams of what she will look like on her big day: the white dress, long veil, and her girls surrounding her in the right shade of *insert favorite color here*, but she doesn’t tend to dream how she will get that"one million bucks" look. To bring that vision to life it takes a bit of shopping, a few appointments, and a lot of dresses in the “NO” pile. To help make this process stress-free and fun, lets go over some more common bridal terminology. Bring on the ABC’s of Bridal Fashion, Part Two!

Measurements- Bridal dress sizing runs quite small and is very different when compared to normal street clothing sizes. Sometimes dresses from the bridal industry can be 4 size numbers larger since they run so small. You may experience some sticker shock for sizing when you are shopping, but just know it is not you, it is the dress! Here are the exact measurements and placements that you will need when ordering the correct size.

Bust- the measurement refers to the fullest part around your bust. Make sure the measuring tape on your back is parallel to the ground and slightly higher than where your bra sits. Hint: wear the bra (or similar padding to) the bra you will wear on the day of the wedding.

Waist- Contrary to popular belief, this measurement is where you bend when moving from side to side. This is your high waist and should be the smallest place of your abdomen/ when you put your hands on your hips, located over the belly button.

Hips- This should be measured at the fullest part of your badonkadonk.

Neckline- There are various types of necklines to choose from when finding your perfect dress. Here is an overview of what you may try on during your shopping day:

Queen Anne- A neckline with high raising collar that connect around the back of the neck. Has a strap of sleeve.

Cowl- A neckline with a loose drape in the front (and sometimes back!)

Jewel- This one is similar to the neckline of a crew neck t-shirt. It is curved and sits at the bottom of your neck.

Bateau- (Boat) This neckline traces the curve of your collar bone from

the top of one shoulder to the other.

Pleating- Pleating is the detail on the bodice or skirt of the dress that is made when folding the fabric over itself. Can come in many forms:

Ruche- See Part One. Used to refer pleating in the bodice of the dress

Box- Pleat- a flat double pleat made with parallel creases that fold under to have a raised middle.

Waistline- The waist of the dress is known to rise and lower between dress styles to create a more flattering silhouette for the wearer.

Empire- Where the waistline in higher and sits directly below the bust.

Dropped Waist- Where the waist is lower than the natural waist and sits at the mid thigh.

Congratulations, you are now a bridal fashion expert! Time to go try on tons and tons of dresses to find what fit and fabric works best for you!

Photography: Megan Harris Photography

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